Terrified to Write.

Greetings Men and Women. 


I've been terrified to write. To actually put down on paper what has literally been happening in my life. 

There is nothing bad. 

Just big. 

I am opening my own store. Brick and Mortar. 

Where I sell my Photography services- as well as have an active boutique on the front end- which has yoga apparel, Sunglasses & other accessories. 

Its been hard to verbalize. TO come up with a concrete way of saying what I am doing. 

I am scared. 

Of being happy having some grounding. Of not having the flexibility I had last summer. 

But I am really EXCITED to GROW. To form a solid business that is -essentially me.

I feel honored to have this opportunity. We open May 23rd.


What A HOOT!  Can't wait to see you all there. I will keep you posted as things progress. And then when things settle down I will inform you back to life lessons and other amazing happenings in my life. 

Peace love and namasteee :)